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WaistBuddy™ I

  • Modern & Stylish Holster

  • Holds two of most
    epinephrine auto injectors or
    one large Epipen inside
    manufacturers tube.

  • Holds FRIO cooling Wallets
    with two to three insulin
    pens.Open corners allows
    airflow to eliminate  Cooling
    Wallets moist.

  • Rotating leather cover clip
    for horizontal or vertical wear

  • No need to use a belt. Clip
    on to waist of pants or skirt.

  • Measures 7" x"2 x 1.5 "

  • Universal Medical Alert
    Prominently displayed in
    color red help others quickly
    find your medications
insulin pen case
one epipen case
Leather covered
clip on. No need
to wear a belt.
insulin cooling pouch
epipen case holder
WaistBuddy I -Blue
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