I can finally close my eyes and rest at night
My son Danny went off to College this year, living away
from  home has been extremely difficult for all of us.   He
was born with food allergies to wheat, peanuts, eggs, and
soy but  never had an anaphylactic reaction until this year.  
During the past three months he has been to the emergency
room four times, three of which required for him to stay in
the hospital for several days.

Last week the doctors told him that he needed to carry the
Epipen's with him because his allergies are not getting
better, and that his last reaction was extremely severe.  The
last thing I remember hearing was when the doctor said that
if he has another reaction and doesn't inject the Epipen
immediately he might not make it next time.

Danny is a very honest person, and later told me that it was
impossible for him to carry such large tubes every time he
went out for his daily run,  and that  the new smaller talking
auto injector broke after wrestling with some friends so he
prefers to keep the Epipen's.

It was painful listening to him saying; Mom I will never find
a girl if I am carrying a bag on my shoulder... If you see a
guy in a bar with a bag, would you even talk to him? Telling
a girl the first time you meet them that you have food
allergies is like saying you have some weird sexual disease.

It never occurred to us to look for the Legbuddy nor the
WaistPal because we simply didn't think that it was possible
for anyone to come up with such a simple but amazing idea.  
We found them thanks to one of the nurses who mentioned

We bought both the leg and the waist holder.  He uses the
WaistPal during the day, and the LegBuddy at night.  The
last time he had a reaction was while trying to go to bed so
he is now even wearing the LegBuddy to bed.  

"Mom, I can finally close my eyes and rest at night knowing
that if I wake up having a reaction I will find the Epipen's"
Thank you for caring, for doing what you do.  
God Bless,
Michele and Danny

LegBuddy works great for my diabetes supplies
I purchased this for my diabetes supplies as opposed to
around a bag. As a man I didn't want a "purse". I
was able to squeeze in my insulin pen, screw on needles,
glucose meter, test strips, and a lancing device but it's a
tight fit. There's no additional room for candy or glucose
tablets but I've been putting those in my pockets. So far it's
working good and I don't have to carry a bag around
everywhere. Stuffing the pouch this full creates quite a lump
but it doesn't show through my pants, however it would if
you wore slim fitting pants or skinny jeans. I'm quite happy
with it so far.

Awesome Case!
This case is great! I wanted something I could wear on
my belt,
that my shirts could cover if needed and a "fanny
pack " was not an option. It fits both of my pens nicely and
securely. The flap has a very strong magnetic lock so the
pens cannot just fall out but is very easy to open when
needed. A must have!
Charles D

“Thank God for you !!!!”
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for inventing the LEG
My husband needs to carry his Epipen all the time
and didn't because he would forget it…Now that I found him
something he likes, he will actually carry it on him…He didn't
like the other carrying options on the market…
Thanks Again,
Angel & Travis

"Thanks for taking away a Mothers fear for her child’s life,
always having the Epi Pen is no longer a worry!!! "
Thank you so much for sending the leg buddy, absolutely
the most wonderful invention!! Your thoughtfulness on
sending the “extra” was greatly appreciated!!! Sincerely my
thanks for taking away a Mothers fear for her child’s life,
always having the Epi Pen is no longer a worry!!!
Jay C.

"The LegBuddy is so comfortable"...
Randy wrote:
Wow! Thank you so much for your generosity! I’m sorry
we didn’
t get the right size the first time. The new one
came in the mail yesterday and it is a perfect fit. I love it
because it is lightweight and comfortable enough that I don’t
have to think about it, and now that I’ve got the right size,
it doesn’t slide down my leg.
Thanks again!

OmaxCare to Andy:
Hi Randy,
Thanks for taking the time to write such an uplifting note.
We are really happy to hear the LegBuddy works for you.
Now you have no excuse to #carry your Epipen’s on you
Take Care and God Bless
“Making it easy for people to have their emergency medicine
ON them at all times”

Randy Replied:
Yep. I carried it on my leg all day at work and when I came
home and got to play with my two year old son, I didn’t even
notice that I had it on until 2 hours later. Super!

"Your products seem to be God send".....  
Your product looks to be a god send. I have been battling
carrying this thing around for the better part of 5 years.
I constantly battle with where to hide it discretely while
wearing my business attire and not looking like I have a
terrible personal
Tony S.  

”My hats off to you…”
I really want to thank you for this product. We have tried
almost every holder and when I read the info on your
website, I felt like you really understood our dilemma. Most
epi holders are bulky and when I think of semi-formal for my
son, I felt so terrible that I couldn’t find a better solution…..
then I stumbled upon your product. My hats off to you.
Thanks again. Take care.
Teresa B.
Toronto CA

"...Giving me peace of mind..."
Hi, I want to thank you for expediting my order (for the
LegBuddy), it arrived today, Christmas Eve
. It's for my son
who we recently found out is #allergic to bee stings.  Your
products are already giving me peace of mind, a rare and
priceless gift indeed. May you all be blessed this holiday
season, and
Merry Christmas!

...Boy Scout...
My 14 year old son was diagnosed last week with a life
#allergy to Sunflower seeds!  He was on a 5
mile hike out of the White Mountains with the Boy Scouts
when he had his reaction!  He is not thrilled about having to
carry the #EpiPens so I was so excited when I came across
your website.  He was happy that he will be able to carry
them and no one will know.  He is currently at Boy Scout
camp, I will be bringing to him at camp so that he doesn't
have to carry his backpack.
Thank you again!

"Well made and quite durable"
I recommend the LegBuddy  for anyone who needs to
carry around their Epipen's all the time. I'm 5' 5" 165 pounds
and bought the L-XL over six months ago. I wear it almost
daily and have washed it several times (by hand with a soft
soap) and it still feels and looks like new. A much needed
product. Smartly done!

"Great idea and product"
The LegBuddy is perfect for Epipen's. I used this item in
while walking the parks and many people stopped
and asked me were I purchased the item. All thought it was
a great idea. Perfect for men who don't have pocket books to
store the Epipen's and don't want the other containers
hanging off their belts.
Mark O.

Re: WaistPal
Just wanted to say thank you and we love your product.
My son lost his first one yesterday (at the beach) but it
lasted for a long time and held up great under lots of activity.
Thank you!
Oak Park IL
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