• Leg Holster for kids, teens and adults

  • Soft neoprene material that contours to your body for all day comfort

  • Carry and conceal  epi pen tubes under long pants

  • Pouch holds two Epipen or insulin pen auto injectors

  • Soft but strong, durable

  • Reinforced  stitching

  • Great alternative to traditional epipen carrying cases

  • Most popular epipen leg carrier among boys, teens, and adult men

  • No smell, easy to wash
women accessories for carrying epipen

Check out this short video of a teen demonstrating how to put on the LegBuddy. He is wearing a size XS
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legbuddy by omaxcare the only athletic leg holster for epipens
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legbuddy to carry epipens

  • An epi pen leg holster is a great alternative to epipen carrying cases

  • Most teens and boys will not carry the epipens because the epi pen tubes are too bulky

  • An epipen pouch for the leg makes it easy to carry and conceal the auto-injectors inside the manufacturers tubes under long pants

  • The  leg buddy neoprene epi pen pocket securely holds up to 2 auto injectors

  • Boys, teens and men hate the "bulge" of carrying epipens in  pant pockets

  • Great epipen carrier for when moms and girls don't want to carry a large handbag or worry about where they left their epi case.
best epipen carrying case for men legbuddy by omaxcare
epi pen leg pouch egbuddy by omaxcare
epipen bag color scarlet red sold by omaxcare.com
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