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About Food Allergies
Most people still believe that food allergy
means that you can get a rash or diarrhea from
eating certain foods.

Food allergy is a very serious medical
affecting up to 15 million people in
the United States alone. Whether you’re newly
diagnosed or looking up information about it,
learning all you can about the disease is the
key to staying safe and living well with food

What is Food Allergy?
The body’s immune system job is to identify
and destroy germs (such as bacteria or viruses)
that make you sick. A food allergy is trigger
when the immune system mistakenly targets a
harmless food protein – an allergen – as a
threat and attacks it.  

This "attack" is what doctors and scientists call
anaphylaxis allergic symptoms. These can
affect several areas of the body and may
threaten breathing and blood circulation.