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Who designs and makes OmaxCare products?
All OmaxCare carriers are designed  and manufactured
by a family with multiple severe allergies.
Son a student, creates the concept, designs, ensures
design is comfortable and delivers what it promises to do.
Mom a marketing & advertising executive, works in all
areas of product development and leads the effort.
Dad, a technology executive and entrepreneur
participates in all phases as needed.  

New products?
Only items  the entire family  personally uses for more
than a year become part of the OmaxCare Store product
line. They don't believe in selling products like taking an
existing pencil case and just putting an allergy alert on
it.Bringing to market high quality new designs takes
longer but they are always looking for ways to make
more products available faster and help improve people's

The family personally funds all product development and
manufacturing related costs and sales profits are used to
donate epinephrine carriers.

All Carriers Must be: Comfortable, High Quality,
Discreet, Stylish and most of all make it easier to keep
life saving medications within reach at all times.
epipen case by kid for carrying epi pen
Please carry emergency medicine ON your leg or waist at
all times and Have immediate access to life saving
medicine such as Epipen® and Twinject®.
holder for Epipens by OmaxCare
God Bless,
epipen case  epipen waist pack stop food allergy anaphylaxis
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first aid kits pouch
LegBuddy for carrying epipen to school by omaxcare
Medical Alert
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