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Q. My son is nine years of age. Which carrier
will fit him better the LegBuddy or the
Both will fit him The LegBuddy in size XS and
the WaistPal.
If you measure right above where the waist of his
pants fit, and it measures 20 to 32 inches the
front pocket with one epipen will sit on the front
of his torso and the second one on the back . It
is shipped with an additional side strap to fit up
to 38 inches and/or to use it as a cross body

Q. Which carrier is better for a middle school
age kid the waist pal or the leg holster?
An Epipen carrier is like a clothing accessory,
therefore if you are wearing shorts or skinny
jeans you will use the WaistPal if you want to
conceal the epi's. The LegBuddy is worn when
using tight fitted tops, long pants or skirts.

Here is link to a youtube video showing the
WaistPal, and in this channel you could also see
the LegBuddy.

YouTube Video of WaistPal
Q. How do you wash the WaistPal and the

. Use a container that is big enough to
submerge the item. Add mild soap and mix it
thoroughly into the water.

Rinse rinse and rinse. You’ll want to keep
rinsing  by placing it under running water  until no
more  bubbles or suds from your cleaner appear.

Air Drying: You should never dry your neoprene in
a dryer. Hang it up to air dry.
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Q. Can I carry only one Epipen inside the LegBuddy
Yes, you can carry One Epipen only.
The outer pocket is made with high grade quality
neoprene that will conform to the shape of the
If you only put one injector inside it will stay tight. If
you put two inside it will stretch.

You could also carry one injector and a small
container for the pills such as a small pill box and/or
few individually wrapped allergy tablets with two
epinephrine auto injectors. The pouch is made of
neoprene material that stretches and adjusts to the
size of the auto-injectors.
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Q. Which carrier you recommend for insulin
WaistBuddy I and II hold insulin pens.  For
carrying insulin inside a cooling wallet we
recommend the
WaistBuddy One  because it has
openings to let the air flow.
epipen case pouch holder for one injector
how to wash neoprene epipen pouch
boy age nine with epipen in leg pouch
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