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waterproof epipen epibelt waistpal by omaxcare
You really don't know how difficult it is to self carry medications 24/7 until you have to do so.

OmaxCare products are designed by a kid , with the help of a mom who is an advertising and
product development executive and the approval of Dad who is a technology entrepreneur.  
Only items  they really like and have personally used for more than a year, become part of
the OmaxCare Store product line. Quality, convenience, comfort, and style!
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The onset of an allergic anaphylaxis reaction usually happens so quickly that there is no
time to go look for a bag to find the epi's nor even wait for emergency personnel to get to you.

Leaving any medications  inside the car will not only ruin them but it makes no sense:  Imagine if you are in a mall and have to walk to
the car to get them....

Kids & teens  should  "self carry" their life saving med's even at school. Nurse offices are not always open.

Many fatal reactions could have been stopped if the person had their epinephrine injection on them.
The minute you start asking yourself, "Should I inject the epinephrine" it probably means you should.  Many parents and individuals who had a severe
reaction and have shared their story on the web, say that  wished they had used it right away.
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Making it easier to self carry life saving medications on you at all times!
Discreet and comfortable
No Smells,  #Latex Free
No plastic buckles. No Pinching. No Itching.
Wear under or over clothing
Fire Resistant &  WaterProof...

Carry and Conceal Emergency Medicines
Fits two large Epineprhine auto-injectors ...

Handsomely crafted with "Box Grain" leather
lined with soft microfiber
Go to work or out for the day.
Front & Back Pockets
Fully Lined Comfort Plus Design
food allergy Medical Alert
ANAPHYLAXIS ALLERGIES?  Why should you carry Epipen™ or Auvi-Q™ inside an OmaxCare carrier and not  inside backpack or purse?
epipen waist sling food allergy treatment belt
how to hide and carry epipens under clothing with waistpal sold at
epipen carrier and insulin pen holster legbuddy by
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Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Carry the Epipen ON you at all times. and
Creating Products to Help Improve People's Life                   
LegBuddy™ Techno Black
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epipen carriers + kids epipen waist pack + adult epipen cases
One  medicine container for every occasion.
One WaistPal,  One  WaistBuddy & One LegBuddy (Select size)
Bundle Value Pack

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Why OmaxCare Brand Products?
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All OmaxCare carriers prominently display the Universal Medical Alert Symbol in color red
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allergy medicine epipen case
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