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Making it easier to self carry life saving medications on you at all times!
  • Keeps all emergency items secured at an
    arm length away at all times.
  • Insulated Waterproof Fire Retardant
  • Secured strong tight easy access pocket
  • Neoprene expands to fit supplies
  • Diabetes: insulin pen, screw on
    needles, glucose meter, test strips,
    and lancing device
  • Allergies: two epinephrine shots
    inside  tubes, or two Auvi-q
  • Ages five and older
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Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Carry the Epipen ON you at all times. and
                   SAVE $25.00   
         STUDENTS BUNDLE       
     One carrier for every school day activity

Value Bundle includes:

One WaistPal: Most popular among kids and athletes
One WaistBuddy Case: A favorite among adults
One LegBuddy: Great for all ages (see size guide)
epipen kid waist pal epibelt
epipen case
WaistBuddy II™ Black
LegBuddy™ Techno Black
WaistBuddy I™ Black
WaistBuddy One
  • Airflow open corners for carrying your
    Duo Insulin Pen Cooling wallets
  • No need to wear a belt
  • Also used for carrying one
    Epinephrine tubes
  • Available in color black and blue

Cooling wallets & medications not included
  • Front & Back Tight Easy Access Pockets
  • No bouncing
  • No plastic buckle =no pinching
  • Fully lined inside =no itching
  • Waist Circumferences 20 to 38 inches
  • Holds 2 Epinephrine tubes or Auvi-Q®
  • Most recommended epi carrier by Physicians
  • Rank #1 by students ages 5 to 18  
  • Soft premium quality wet-suit neoprene
    material that is water resistant, fire
    retardant and helps keep temperature of
    the medications
Bundle Value Pack
LegBuddy Size
WaistBuddy II
  • Handsomely crafted box grain leather
  • No need to wear belt
  • Great for adults,first aid EMS, nurse,
    coach, teacher, parents
  • Secured easy access to camping,
    hiking, biking, first aid supplies

       Measures 7"  x 2.75"  x 1.5"
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Securely Carry and Conceal Emergency Supplies & Medications
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