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first aid kits pouch

No plastic buckles  =  No pinching

Fully Lined inside  =  Underwear Comfort

Two Easy Access Pockets = Front and Back

Carry 2 injectors with no bouncing  = Each pocket
holds one Epinephrine (Epipen, Adrenaclick, Anapen) or
Insulin Pens.

epipen pouch waistpal
WaistBuddy II™ Leather Case
BEST FOR: Adults. Most popular among Parents, Teachers, Nurses
and Coaches who need to pass the responsibility of carrying
Epipen + First Aid to others.
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Value Pack:
One Carrier for every occasion.
Includes One LegBuddy
& One Waistpal

Contours to your body for 24/7 Comfort

Insulated Pocket Expands = No Bouncing Secured Hold

Diabetes: insulin pen, screw on needles, glucose meter,
test strips, and lancing device.

Allergies: One or Two Epineprhine injectors including the
large Epipen tubes.

Available in 3 sizes for ages five and older
epipen junior waistpal
epipen junior waistpal pouch
Wilderness Medicine Research Study
During winter long travels body heat  "body wear" controls temperature sensitive medication such as epinephrine
and insulin better than any other container.

Allergic Living Magazine: LegBuddy in "9 Amazing Life Hacks for Allergies"

THE HUFFINGTON POST Back To Classes: 5 ‘Must-Have’ Essentials For The Food Allergy Group
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